6 of the Best City Parks In Denver

The city and county of Denver combined offer more than two hundred parks, totaling over five thousand acres. This means there is endless urban recreation in Colorado, with each park open year-round.The public parks in Denver are all open year for recreation, offering everything from walking trails to boating. These are some of Denver’s most unique and spectacular city parks according to our team at Corken + Company. And best of all, every park on this list is free!

Washington Park

Washington Park is the centerpiece for one of Denver’s most popular neighborhoods. Known for its giant grassy field, Wash Park is flat and perfect for playing nearly anything. On most summer days, especially weekends, the park will be packed with volleyball enthusiasts and scattered with hobbyists of all kinds.
Two ponds offer a beautiful view of the city and a chance for fishing and paddle boats, which you can rent. Jogging is popular at the park, with a 2.6 mile, bike-free outer loop and plenty of fellow runners. Biking is even permitted on the roads within the park.


Cheesman Park

Because it’s grassy and quiet, Cheesman Park is ideal for relaxing on a sunny Denver day. The highlight of the park is the Pavilion, perched on top of what used to be “Prospect Hill”. Built on a former cemetery, Cheesman is rich in history… and maybe ghosts.
Most people enjoy the peace with a picnic, walk, or frisbee. On certain summer evenings, Cheesman screens a free movie in the park. Behind the park is the Denver Botanic Gardens, home to dazzling indoor and outdoor plant exhibits.


City Park

City Park is a perfect mix of woods and wide-open lawns, situated next to Uptown and the Denver Zoo. Nearly every evening in the summer you’ll find rec leagues playing everything from kickball and soccer, to softball and flag football.
In addition, there are two ponds within the property, so bring a fishing rod. Festivals are commonplace, including City Park Jazz, a Sunday concert series held from June to August.


Confluence Park

Cherry Creek and South Platte River merge in the middle of Confluence Park. These rivers form the backdrop to this unique park, which is part of the greater Riverfront Park trail system. Biking along Cherry Creek is probably the best around, with a separate bike-only lane.
Combined with Commons, Crescent, City of Cuernavaca, and several other neighboring parks, Confluence boasts numerous green areas for land activities. Trek along the river to find a slew of urban parks directly beside the city, with everything from soccer and baseball fields to a dog park. You can also rent kayaks for use in the South Platte at Confluence Kayaks.


Sloan’s Lake Park

As the largest lake in the city, Sloan’s is ideal for water sports. Jet skiing, boating, and fishing are everyday activities in the summer. It’s also the best park for cruising in your car. You can also circle the whole lake, getting exceptional views of the Front Range and the Denver skyline.
Walking, jogging and biking are permitted on the paved trail around the lake. Other amenities include tennis courts, soccer fields, picnic tables, and plenty of grass.


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