New Year, New Approach to Homeownership

Believe it or not, it’s almost a month into the new year. How are your new year resolutions coming along? Maybe you’ve set some personal goals to achieve, identified some bad habits to overcome, or contemplated some new habits to form. What you probably haven’t done, is consider making resolutions when it comes to your home: reorganizing, cleaning, decluttering, repairing, maintaining and upgrading. Well, Corken + Company is here to help with some insight from REcolorado home blog


Here are five ways you can take advantage of a fresh start as a homeowner in the new year.


1. Be Economic
Saving money is often at the top of most resolution lists and being financially responsible is an important part of homeownership. Having a hefty savings makes necessary maintenance and repair possible. It also allows for upgrades and renovations in the future that not only improve your own enjoyment and satisfaction with your home but also contribute to its more rapid appreciation. Find out more in our recent post about pinching pennies.


2. Be Environmentally Conscious
Maybe you’re hoping to make an extra effort this coming year to be more environmentally friendly. There are lots of ways to practice these efforts right at home. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information on making your home more energy efficient and earth conscious.


3. Clean & Organize
With so much time spent at home last year, we all probably did our fair share of cleaning and reorganizing. Even still, staying organized and forming habits that keep your house clean are ongoing efforts. Learn more in the coming weeks about keeping a tidy household.


4. Fix, Repair, and Maintain
Like most possessions, the key to retaining a home’s value is upkeep. Replace air filters, clear plumbing drains, wash windows, etc. In the short term, your family doesn’t have to make due with leaky faucets and dusty air, and in the long term your home will prove more attractive to future buyers. Follow us in the next few weeks to discover some specific tips for home maintenance.


5. Move!
This is one we have also covered in a recent post encouraging you to make your next real estate move with Corken + Company. Maybe it’s time for something entirely new. Time to upgrade, downsize, or try a different neighborhood. You might be looking for more space, less space, or just certain features your current home lacks. Whether you are hoping to buy, lease or sell, Corken + Company provides real estate solutions without limits. Our network of professionals, unparalleled service, and extensive experience will ensure your real estate resolutions receive some well-deserved follow through.

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