7 Backyard Features Buyers Might Be Looking For

Backyard Features
Outdoor is the new indoor. After a year of being stuck inside and learning the value of space and open air, it seems we are all bringing our backyards up to par. In 2021, homeowners and homebuyers want more useable, livable outdoor space.


These seven features in particular, gathered by Forbes from several prominent design resources including Houzz, New Home Trends Institute, and the National Kitchen & Bath Association, are trending.


1. Outdoor Kitchens
Now that we can all begin to have small gatherings again (especially outside), backyards are becoming the hub of the home for guests and visitors. Where else in a home do people love to gather but in the kitchen, around the food. Grills, stove tops, wet bars, and mini fridges are bringing all the conveniences of the kitchen outside, making entertaining a breeze.


2. Heat & Weather Protection
Depending where you live, but particularly in Colorado, being able to enjoy your backyard all year long can be tricky. Our weather changes frequently, we get a lot of precipitation, and evenings are chilly almost all year long. Upgraded firepits, enclosed areas, and heaters can help transform your patio into a year-round oasis.


3. Privacy
We all lived the stoop life this year on our front porches. It was the best way to be social with your neighbors but remain at a distance. However, now private space is of the utmost importance. We are doing more than socializing in our yards. We are using it to meditate, work out, relax, eat, etc. Having it be a calming space to unwind is important. Creating seclusion with fencing and landscaping is a popular tactic.


4. Outdoor Showers
While this may not be as common in Denver, many beach resort communities are experiencing widespread installation of outdoor showers. It’s a great way to rinse all the sand off after returning from the beach. If it’s secluded enough, why not be one with nature and even make it the place you shower on a daily basis?


5. Work from Home Proximity
If you don’t work outside, you likely want to have your office looking out at or in close proximity to your backyard or outdoor space. It is the perfect place to take breaks during a long work day. As a homeowner, if you’re considering adding on or creating a work from home space, keep this in mind when picking its location.


6. Shade or Pergolas
Doing more things outside and therefore, prolonging the time we spend outside, means we need shade from the sun. Pergolas are both beautiful and functional to serve this purpose. They are also a fairly affordable addition to make for those on a tighter budget.


7. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
ADUs can serve many functions. During and in the wake of COVID their popularity has risen because it is a great place for elderly parents to live as an alternative to nursing homes. They keep their independence with caregivers just steps away. It’s also a great interim spot for adult children to live when they are fresh out of college and looking for a job. It can provide additional income if it is rented. Or, finally, it becomes the most dynamic flex space when your home (now needing to also serve as a school, an office, and a gym) has quickly become cramped. Building an ADU can be the most expensive and the most lucrative use you get out of your backyard.


If you’re a savvy homeowner, you should always be considering the resale value of your home. Keep these seven desirable features in mind as you begin or continue your outdoor renovations this summer. Then, give Corken + Company a call. Providing real estate solutions without limits, we are always available to strategize your next real estate move.

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