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Lori Corken

Much of the work we do for our clients is behind-the-scenes tasks. And, that is the way it should be. Lori Corken and Corken + Company prides themselves on working hard for their customers and continually being a top performer as a luxury real estate agency in Denver. Basically, a broker is hired to relieve the stress and tasks surrounding real estate transactions. Because of Our Extensive contacts and relationships built in the industry and Denver area for more than two decades benefit my clients. Knowing who to contact to get things done is just one of our daily calls. Knowing who is looking for a home or knowing one coming on the market is something my team and I make bring to our clients.

Brokers spend much of their time verifying schedules, and appointments related to a home, and ensuring the timeline for the transaction is complete and on schedule. Altogether, Issues are worked on to ensure that the timeline is adjusted and changes to best benefit our client. As luxury real estate agents we understand that the times and needs of homeowners and buyers are different than those in the everyday market. We must consider the needs of how to best advertise real estate listings and find the correct buyers.

Although, it sounds easy on paper, having a strong team supporting a broker is key. Much of what we as brokers do is best learned “on the job.” While yes, they teach you everything in real estate school, there is nothing like hands-on experience. Corken + Company has over 20+ years of combined real estate expertise.

Corken + Company Stats

In the month of June, Corken + Company was all about the number five. We sold five homes, rented 5 homes, and listed 5 homes. Much of the work surrounding these transactions, were activities that happened behind the scenes. We like to give our clients a professional and less-stressful real estate experience. And, that is the way it should be. Corken + Company hopes to become your partner as a luxury real estate agency in Denver and help with your Real Estate Solutions without Limits.


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