To Build or Not to Build

Been looking for a home to buy but can’t find the one that has everything on your list? It may be time to consider building a home in Denver.

Your decision to build a home in Denver may come down the cost of remodeling comparable (and available) existing homes compared to the cost of a new build. If you are replacing appliances and lighting, moving or removing walls, and updating existing flooring, it may be more affordable to wrap these costs into a new build and get builder’s pricing. When you build, you can get what you want from the beginning, often get better pricing, and won’t have the stress of replacing these items as they break.

If you choose to build a home in Denver, remember there are many decisions needed throughout the process. With custom homes, you must decide on a floor plan and details from how many lights and what type to the placement of outlets. Your cabinetry, counters, flooring, patios, color choices and hardware finishes all require research and identifying what you really like, can afford and what is available. Upgrades and extras can add up quickly, but offer a finished home that will be uniquely you. Exciting, but overwhelming for those who would rather walk into an existing home and say, “This is the one!”

Builders in Denver often include only minimal plantings of trees and bushes; this may require additional expense later, while an existing home will already have established landscaping and the mature trees you love. Existing residences have many other benefits, like seeing the finished and established neighborhood, no surrounding construction noise, and larger trees in the area.

If you love making design decisions, are willing to wait a while to move in and can stick to your budget, consider building. Go with an existing home if you love taking a house’s “good bones” and customizing them, don’t mind spreading your project costs over time, and want a finished home in a finished neighborhood. Whichever way you go, ensure your broker understands your needs and has the experience and knowledge to offer advice about the current market conditions and options for ethical and high quality builders in today’s real estate market. If you are looking to build a home in Denver, look no further than Corken + Company for all of your Real Estate solutions without Limits.

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