Decluttering Your Closet

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The seasons are shifting quickly in Colorado, which means it is a good time to organize and cleanse that closet space. Spring Cleaning is in full swing and little changes will help make your home feel less chaotic. Here are a few tips for decluttering:


A good place to start is simply going through your wardrobe and deciding on pieces that can be donated. Stick with clothes that flatter, fit, and are super fresh. Organizing your clothes by season and putting the cold weather clothes away also helps to create space.


One way you can keep from having to do this every year is by creating a simple organization process. Use normal household items such as old frames or mason jars to hold jewelry. Creating an organized space will allow you to feel less stress when walking into your closet.


Use Storage Hacks: 
Create a shelf just for shoes, this will make it so you are no longer tripping over things. This is also a fantastic way to be able to visualize the shoes you want to wear and not forget about pairs hidden behind your clothes.


Style is:
Create a space you want to spend time in. Hang mirrors to create the illusion of more space, add brilliant lighting and you will have a spot you love.


Here at Corken + Company we value beautiful spaces. We want to help you create a home you love and a place where you feel rested and rejuvenated. Check out more organizing tips here. 


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