6 of Denver’s Best Coffee Shops

6 Top-Tier Denver Coffee Shops

When it comes to coffee, some of the best brews are located in Denver. Roasters are popping up on seemingly every block for residents who know their Chemex from their Aeropress. Because there are so many Denver coffee shops to choose from, the team here at Corken + Company felt this list would be perfect for some inspiration on which ones to check out first!


1. Boxcar Coffee Roasters:

1825 Pearl St 

Boulder, CO 80302

This roastery supplies plenty of Denver establishments, but they have a shop in Boulder which is worth a visit. From single-origin espresso to a cardamom-rose latte or fresh-baked croissants, Boxcar shares its cozy space with the gourmet shop and deli, Cured.


2. Huckleberry Roasters:

4301 Pecos St, Denver

CO, 80211

The flagship Sunnyside location of this well-established roastery and shop offers a quiet getaway in an artsy, colorful space with a large patio. They also have a location in Denver’s beloved Dairy Block development.


3. Prodigy Coffee House:

3801 E 40th Ave

Denver, CO 80205

This Elyria Swansea nonprofit shop, bills itself as a “craft coffeehouse and apprenticeship” that mentors young adults from the surrounding neighborhoods in the art and business of coffee. When they’re not treating themselves to the drive-thru, regulars make themselves at home in the airy, cheery space. They have drinks like honey-lavender lattes or nitro cold brews and sweet treats from waffles to various pastries. This spot is filled with feel-good vibes.


4. Dandy Lion Coffee Co:

5225 E 38th Ave

Denver, CO 80207

Now listen to this: a combination Vietnamese coffee and plant shop. Treat yourself to the classic chicory cold brew with condensed milk or iced chai with toffee-nut and macadamia milk, then get some free horticultural therapy (or purchase some foliage to go).


5. Rivers and Roads Coffee:

2539 Bruce Randolph Ave

Denver, CO 80205

At this community-driven Clayton shop, everything from the roasting to baking to syrup making is done in-house. While it takes its coffee seriously, it also takes fun seriously — which means the crew here is always happy to pour its guest’s iced Black Forest mochas or treat them to loaded breakfast fries or citrus-chai doughnut holes.


6. Blue Sparrow Coffee:

3070 Blake St Ste 180

Denver, CO 80205

This Backyard cafe on Blake features multiple American and international roasters in their espresso drinks and specialty coffees. Find your perfect cup listed in script on a large scroll of packing paper hung behind the counter. They also have a second location on Platte Street.




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