Enjoying Summer, Come Rain or Shine or COVID

Enjoy summer
In some ways, life is starting to feel a little more normal again. Many of us are returning to work in some sort of capacity and stores and restaurants are opening with specific restrictions in place. But, it is already the middle of June and we have to acknowledge that summer is going to look a little different this year.


Corken + Company brings you fun alternatives to enjoy summer, when typical summer activities may not be possible this year.


Summer Camp
While usually kids spend a few weeks away to enjoy summer at sleep-away camp or even attend a day camp, many of these camps have been cancelled. A great alternative is to research virtual camps. There are lots of online programs including a Zombie Apocalypse Training Camp that teach children survival skills or Fashion Design Camp that teach children how to sew. These camps still stimulate your children’s imagination and occupy their time while you can steal away to relax or get some work done.


Movie Night
Most movie theaters are closed and don’t seem to be opening anytime soon. Instead it might be fun to plan a big movie night in. Rent or buy a projector and watch a movie on your garage door. Or, take the family to a drive-in theater. It is a fun and safe outing everyone can enjoy.


Pool Time
This summer is already starting to heat up. Since most public pools are closed, beat the heat by running your sprinklers, creating a slip n’ slide with your hose, or filling up a baby pool in your backyard. It’s a great way to say cool and spend some quality time outdoors with your family.


Food & Drink Tastings
With summer food and drink festivals postponed, create your own tastings at home. Many local restaurants and breweries are offering pairings and flights. Maybe even organize a virtual tasting with friends over Zoom. It is a great way to support local businesses and spend time with friends from the safety of your own home.


Marathon Training
Summer is usually full of organized walks and runs and there is no excuse not to keep up with your training. You can even join virtual running groups to compare mileage and time. It will help keep you motivated and still instills a wonderful sense of community.


Neighborhood Block Party
It might not be safe to get the whole neighborhood together but there is no reason you can’t have a few friends over for a backyard barbeque. Safely participating in small gatherings is great for our mental and emotional health.


Camping in the Great Outdoors
Some campgrounds and national parks are still closed or only opening with heavy restrictions in place. Avoid the confusion altogether and pitch a tent in your own backyard. A deck of cards and a good ghost story book will keep your family occupied all summer long!



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