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We want to take an opportunity with this week’s blog post and revisit a common question we have all likely been asking ourselves over the last few months: what next? An unpredictable pandemic, widespread financial hardship, a national examination of systemic racism, and a pending presidential election have made for a tumultuous year. Our personal and financial futures are more uncertain than ever, which makes now the perfect time to contact Corken & Company and discuss your real estate options. We would love to help bring that uncertain future into a little more focus.


Many people are comparing our current social and economic climate to that of the housing crash in 2008.
And, it is no secret the economy is experiencing a downturn. Unemployment rates have risen and stock values have plummeted, but how will it affect real estate now and long into the coming years?


The real estate market has seemed to have paused more than anything else. Most real estate markets, especially Denver’s, has been a seller’s market for several years. That is still the case. Less people are selling their homes but almost proportionally less people are buying homes as well. This has caused home prices to stay relatively the same which in turn translates to a robust and healthy market.


Despite these reassuring circumstances, the economic repercussions of this pandemic will likely be complex. Allow our veteran representatives at Corken + Company to be your partner in navigating this unfamiliar territory.


Remember it isn’t unfamiliar to us.
Over the last two decades, long before 2008 and long after, we have been creating real estate solutions for our valued clients. This includes understanding how to price homes competitively, prepare homes so they are ready to sell, and market strategically to sell. In addition, this means that no two solutions are the same. Corken + Company also offers leasing services, and lease purchase options, to help everyone have the home of their dreams.


Historically low interest rates and banking relief programs are just some of the resources available to secure your real estate investment. We are seasoned professionals who would love to tell you more about the current real estate market market. Choose Corken + Company. Real Estate Solutions Without Limits.


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