Homebuyer Tips for Finding the One

Finding the one
We all want to find that perfect house, the house of our dreams. Here at Corken + Company it is our life’s work to help you find the ONE. Here are a few tips to help you on this journey.


Be Patient:

Due to increased demand it is taking longer for clients to find the best fit. Do not get overwhelmed or stressed by the process and remain patient. We will get you the house of your dreams, but it might take a little longer than you anticipated.


Embrace Compromise:

Nearly 7 in 10 home buyers have made compromises in the home they purchased. Our agents will be able to help you create a list of non-negotiables when purchasing your home, but we can also help you realize the areas of possible compromise.


Know Your Priorities:

Know what is important and what is simply a bonus. Is a 4th bedroom a bonus or a must? Is a large backyard crucial for you and your family? If so, fight for those things.



Gone are the days of back and forth negotiating. If you love the home, be ready to put forth a strong offer. Our team will help you navigate every aspect of this.



More Tips on Finding the One:

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