Hints of Holiday Décor Will Do

Decorating for the holidays while your home is on the Denver Real Estate market can work against sellers if care is not taken. Do yourself, and your potential buyers a favor and give only hints of the holidays if your goal is to receive the gift of a buyer this holiday season.

When considering how to best meet the needs of your buyers in the Denver Real Estate market, decorate to highlight space and focus on the positive. Keep clutter to a minimum and remember that extra décor can make a home feel small and claustrophobic. Ambiance can be added with carefully placed string lighting and a few tasteful decorations that draw the eye to interesting architecture and unique selling features. The goal is to create a romantic vision of your home that will help a potential buyer  in the Denver Real Estate market envision themselves and their belongings in it, no matter their age, religion or family situation.

For real estate marketing on the exterior of the home, keep it classy and low key. Give the hint of holidays, not a full blown assault. While blow-up snow globes and light shows might conjure up visions of hot cocoa and fun family projects for you, it could scream Griswold Family Christmas to others. Remember, what goes up, must come down immediately after the holidays, so keeping it simple is key.

Choosing simple, non-religious, holiday-neutral décor will keep your pool of shoppers at their maximum while still giving your family that holiday feel. Using a few current winter pieces will save you time, and go a long way towards giving the hint of holiday ambiance without detracting from your goal of finding the perfect home buyer this holiday season. We at Corken + Company hopes that every has a happy holiday season and that Corken + Company can be your partner to buy a home in Denver, sell a home in Denver, market a home in Denver, and your overall Denver real estate marketing needs.

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