Home Gyms That Transform You & Your Home

Is your local gym too crowded these days? A customized home gym may be just the thing you need to jump start your workout routine. With a little creativity and research, adding a home gym can not only motivate you to meet your fitness goals, it can help get your home in shape too by adding to your home’s value. A gym is also an added bonus for your Denver real estate marketing.

Consider not only how to market your real estate listing, decide which activities and equipment you want as you choose an unused or neglected space for your gym. Ceiling height, natural light, flooring, ventilation, access to entertainment like TVs and speakers all should be factored into your home gym plan. Adding mirrors will add the feeling of space, inspirational words on the walls will add just the right motivation to keep you going. Look for subtle ways to store weights, treadmills and other moveable fitness equipment to keep workout areas open and clutter free.

When thinking about Denver real estate marketing, it is important to consider what your buyer may be looking for. Yoga, Pilates, cardio, cycling, kick-boxing and mixed martial arts are all activities a home gym space can be customized to motivate and inspire. Adding spa features can also entice you finish your workout and enjoy a post workout treat. Keep décor simple, clean with a touch of pampering and you’ll be wondering why you’ve been trekking to the gym instead of using that time to re-center and refocus on your goals.

Add interesting light fixtures, fans and paint colors that flow with the rest of your home’s décor. Or, include a touch of your favorite sports team, photos and awards of your athletic achievements to make “going to the gym” productive, motivating and rejuvenating, and a hit in Denver real estate marketing.

If you’re scheduling your workout time around gym and street traffic, consider saving the fee of a gym membership and adding a private, home value boosting, customized fitness space that is all about you. It’s a great way to pamper yourself in 2016 and will move you ever closer to obtaining that hot and healthy bod you promised yourself this year. Corken + Company hopes to be your partner to assist with all of your Denver real estate marketing needs.

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