Home Organization Trends 2023

Home Organization

Tidy up for the new year with these home organization trends! Here’s what design experts are saying may be in style in 2023. 


Minimalism is More

Less is more is trending! This is not a new trend, but it is getting a modern twist. Excess and mismatched items are a thing of the past. Consider swapping out combined collectible sets for a single, streamlined collection of things like mugs and plates. 


Pleasant Pantry

The kitchen is often considered the heart of a home, but the pantry also plays a role! From baking supplies to meal prep items, your pantry should follow a system. Intentionality when organizing and storing goods helps to keep foods fresh and helps you get needed items on the run. 


Office Upgrades

Hybrid and work-from-home jobs are here to stay, making some of our thrown-together office solutions (stacking containers to make our desks) officially out of style. Even if you’re still commuting to a physical office, having a space in a home that can function as a space to settle down and pay bills has become a desired space. Revamp your productivity and potentially add to your home’s resale value all in one!


We spend the majority of our lives in our home, so make sure that the space you create serves you. Let us know what home organization trends work best for you! Looking to upgrade where you live? Contact our team!

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