Innovative Family and Living Rooms

There is no shortage of innovative products for today’s living and family rooms. Gone are the days of getting up from the sofa to shut the blinds, change the channel or stoke the fire. As products become smarter and more integrated with our needs, we’ll continue to find new ways to add them into our environment to increase our comfort and impress our friends.

A smart glass system is really an up and coming product traditionally only seen in sci-fi movies. Public to private with a flip of the switch makes this an option everyone will want to use. Bathrooms, offices, exercise rooms, or even simply as a light diffuser for family rooms and skylights, the sky is the limit in how this product might be used. I can’t wait to see where the industry goes with this.

Lighting continues to be the flexible friend in the room. Living and family rooms serve many purposes these days—an area to hang out or for the kids to study, an overflow area for entertaining, formal waiting areas, sports viewing venues and sometimes even the dinner table. How lighting is used can adjust a room to accommodate and enhance any of these functions. The sleek, thin profile of low-voltage track lighting products can be dimmed and adjusted to the needs of a room. They are affordable, offer plenty of light, and are easy to install. Functional and beautiful, today’s chandeliers are no longer stuffy, crystal monstrosities, but are often the focal point of a room and act as a piece of art. By installing switches and dimmers that adjust light intensity and utilize multiple lighting zones within a room, the living and family rooms can be ready for any situation with the flip of a switch.

Add contemporary gas fireplace options like an indoor open fire pit, rectangular fireplace with glass chips, or stone or tile accents and you’re on your way to creating a family or living room that will not only be a comfortable space, but will be an impressive, leading edge showcase of your use and knowledge of today’s high-tech home solutions.

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