Kids Room Update: Fun Summer Project

Kids Room

Corken + Company, Denver metro real estate agency, has many customers, and members of our team, that have young kids. We understand that many families wonder what to do to keep kids busy and excited during the break. As we enter the dog days of summer, you might be looking for a project that might entertain the kids. A kids room update might be just the project to spice up summer! Not only does this keep the kids busy, but it may even help with your Denver real estate marketing.

The little guys can participate in accent color selection and will love using the color swatches for an art project. Older kiddos might enjoy researching update ideas on Pinterest or even be involved in the actual work of painting walls, selecting and installing wall and window treatments, or shopping for accent pillows once a plan is in place. Many small cosmetic additions could help to add to your Denver real estate marketing.

Check out this link with ideas and offers advice so your update stays current. Of course, this is a great way to sneak in math, science and art on top of some great one-on-one time! Have fun and send us pics of your completed projects, we’d love to see them! Corken + Company hopes to assist you one day with all of your Denver real estate marketing needs, and for your Real Estate Solutions without Limits.


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