Should I List My Home Now or Wait?

Determining whether to list your home or wait is based upon many factors unique to your situation. How quickly do you need to sell a home in Denver? How badly do you need top dollar? Is it worth the hassle and stress of having a house on the market during the holidays? Is your neighborhood in a hot market with low inventory, or experiencing sluggish sales in your price range due to an abundance of similarly priced homes? Working with your family and trusted Denver Real Estate agent to answer these questions will be paramount in deciding whether it is best to list your home now or wait until a later time.

In the Lone Tree real estate market and the southern suburban areas of Denver real estate market, recent housing inventory has been quite low. When you list should include whether it is possible to make and keep your home looking its best inside and out at that time. This is imperative for Denver real estate marketing. If your home has a shady driveway or entrance that is difficult to keep cleared of snow, for example, it may be better to wait until warmer weather.

Spring is always the hottest time of the year for buy a home in the Denver Metro area, and while it is great to have a high volume of buyers needing to get the family settled and enrolled in school before fall, remember there will be more homes on the market competing for those buyers. Ensure your broker has a clear strategy and track record in your area for setting your home apart from others, and have a plan to move should your home sell within the first few weeks with a Denver Real Estate agent.

Choosing the best time to list your home is a decision best made with solid research, answers to the questions above, and an experienced broker who can partner with you to ensure you receive the best price for your home within the timeframe in which you need to close the sale. Corken + Company hopes to be your partner as your Denver Metro Realtor, and your partner for Real Estate Solutions without Limits.

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