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We have received your maintenance request. Due to COVID-19 concerns, our maintenance protocol has changed. Our primary concern is the safety of our staff and clients, while also needing to comply with governmental directives related to staying at home and social distancing.

For non-emergency maintenance issues: We will attempt to address the issue remotely via Facetime or similar video conferencing service. If that is not successful, we will arrange for a maintenance professional to come to the property to address the issue, if and only if no occupant of the property is under COVID-19 quarantine and/or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms (i.e., fever, cough, or shortness of breath). If any occupant of the property is under COVID-19 quarantine and/or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, the non-emergency maintenance issue will be addressed when the quarantine ends and/or no symptoms are present.

For emergency maintenance issues: Please contact Rachel at 720-434-4319. We will address emergency maintenance issues on a case-by-case basis.

If one of the members of our maintenance team does need to come to the property, we ask that all occupants maintain a safe social distance from the team member and that occupants take additional precautions prior to the team member arriving at the property, such as cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that the individual is likely to come into contact with.

Any and all maintenance responses will be subject to any federal, state or local orders then in effect. Thank you for your patience as we all seek to safely meet the challenges of this new environment.


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