Spacing Out: Maximizing the Functionality of your Home

Creating more space in your home
There is something wonderful about making more space in your home. Although it might be entertaining to think about what your dog’s voice would sound like if he could talk while your boss drones on during a pointless meeting, that’s not exactly what we mean. This kind of spacing out is more about the physical space we inhabit and having more of it, especially in our homes. Cramped spaces can negatively affect our mental and overall wellbeing. But, the good news is that no matter how small or large of a space we live in, there are always benefits to creating more of it and plenty of ways to take better advantage of it. Our friends at ReColorado have compiled a list of six surefire ways to help you create more space in your home.


1. Declutter
Before you decide to create more space for all of your belongings, purge. Make sure that the things you are making room for are actually useful and bring value to your family’s life. If they don’t, sell or donate them. In our current economic climate and with the holidays around the corner, now is a great time to pass on your unwanted clothing, toys, etc.


2. Build more storage
Maybe your kitchen needs more cabinetry, your garage needs utility shelving, or your guest bed is high enough off of the ground to stow away storage bins. Built-in solutions are often the most seamless space makers. If you have high ceilings in your home you might even consider building a loft. This not only creates more space, but should increase your home’s value.


3. Make rooms multi-purpose
Oftentimes, a home office can also be a guest room, or a family room can occasionally function as a playroom. You can designate portions of each room and keep it looking neat by having organizational furniture. Shelves with baskets can easily store toys or a daybed, futon, trundle, or sleeper sofa functions as both a place to relax and a place for guests to sleep. Maximizing the functionality of the rooms in your home can give your precious space a precious purpose.


4. Finish the attic or basement
Some often-forgotten areas of homes are unfinished basements and storage attics. However, if the ceilings are high enough in these rooms and they have easy access points, they can serve a greater function than simple storage. Adding flooring and putting on a fresh coat of paint in these spaces can almost immediately turn them into a playroom, family room, game room, home classroom or office, or even an additional bedroom.


5. Replace doors
As we know, traditional doors open into and out of rooms. This physical movement creates much more bulk than we might think, especially if a door is more often open than closed. A great way to preserve the space of your home without sacrificing the very necessary functionality of its doors is to install pocket doors, barn doors, and sliding doors. Doors like these virtually disappear into the wall and/or serve as decor when they are closed and when they are open.


6. Choose the right furniture
Be thoughtful about your furniture. Are they serving their highest function while also being aesthetically pleasing? Buying big furniture may seem like a good idea as it will seemingly store more, but in practice it also takes up more space and may actually make a room feel smaller. Matching the scale of your furniture to the size of your room should instead help make a room feel bigger. In addition, some furniture may seem logical even though it doesn’t serve an actual purpose or it serves a purpose already being served by another piece of furniture.


Do you really need a dining table taking up cooking space if you have bar stools? Do you need a tv stand when you could simply mount your tv directly on the wall? Being critical of and creative with your furniture is the easiest tool at your disposal with which to create space. All design elements, including color, texture, light and scale can help manipulate the feeling of a space. Depending on your space and budget, it might even be worthwhile to consult a professional.


We are spending so much time in our homes as of late. Making sure they are the comfortable, functional, spacious areas we crave right now is vital. Corken + Company offers real estate solutions without limits, and we would love to know more about your current space. Do you have too much? Too little? Let’s discuss how your home and the space it offers can work for you, not the other way around. Contact us today! 

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