Tips For Moving With Pets & Kids

Moving with pets & kids

Moving can be emotionally draining no matter how smoothly it all goes. Whether you have chosen to buy, sell, or lease a home, moving is a hard task. It’s easy to forget about how the kids and even pets feel about the move. Changing moods, short tempers, appetite swings and potty accidents can all be signs of stress due to a move.

For kids, including them in some decisions gives them a sense of control. Depending on the age and maturity of kids, helping can make them feel a part of their new environment. Check out these tips for moving with pets & kids:

Packing up.

When you sell a home, chances are your home will be filled with boxes for quite some time. Decorating moving boxes is not only fun, it keeps kids busy so you can pack.

Where we came from.

Taking pictures of the old neighborhood and creating a photo album helps document the home they are leaving so they can “take it with them.”

Where we are going.

Once you buy a home in Denver, documenting the new home and neighborhood and creating a move blog or sending pictures to family and friends is an easy and educational way to highlight the experience.

Decorating and room choice.

After initially contracting to buy a home in Denver, it is an exciting topic to have with family about what different rooms may be used for. At a minimum, involve the kids in choosing and decorating their own rooms. It can be an amazing way to help them feel secure and safe in their new environment, no matter their gender or age.

Meet the neighbors!

Finding kids on the street who can help show your children the ropes is a great way to acclimate and smooth the transition to a new school. It can help in making new friends for kids and parents alike.

Walk and explore.

When you are moving with pets, you have to treat them like members of the family too. Pets will love going for daily walks and exploring the new neighborhood, and you’ll love the way it reduces stress, too.

Travel options for Fido.

Be sure to identify a new vet and dog sitter/kennel as soon as possible. This will help should the family need to travel out of town with short notice.

Keep on schedule.

Pets are methodical and if their regular schedule is adhered to, they will likely adjust quite easily to a location change. Kids may need extra sleep to help process the excitement and anticipation of a move.

Hot, cold and hydration.

Kiddos and pets need to be watched during these hot summer months and the very cold winter months we have here in Colorado. Set a timer to remember to bring the pets in, and always check the bowl for water as it evaporates very quickly here at high altitude. Be aware that hail and thunder storms are common during the spring, summer and fall.

It can be easy to put off dealing with the emotional side of moving until you arrive at your new location. Whether you buy or sell a home, consider incorporating a few of the simple ideas above to help the entire family. This will help everyone enjoy and take credit for an exciting move to a new home.

Moving with pets and kids? Just looking for more moving tips? Contact our team at Corken + Company. 

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