Reading from the Heart

In today’s busy world, it’s easy to get lost in all the complicated things life throws at us. I have been fortunate to find an incredible way to remind myself of what really counts at the end of the day, our kids. I’ve recently started a program where I travel to local elementary schools to read and gift each child the book we read. Experiencing their joy, anticipation, enthusiasm and happiness reinvigorates me. I get as much from it as I think they do. I think of it as my “heart time.”

I like to help by taking time out to read a book to a group of kids to imagine and through a story to dream versus a day of computers and cell phones. In February, I visited Lone Tree Elementary, a choice school near the Heritage Hills and Heritage Estates neighborhoods in the expanding southern suburb of Lone Tree. We read, What If You Had Animal Hair? Then we all laughed about my hair, their hair and their moms’s hair, ha ha! It was a blast! I also visited Cottonwood Creek Elementary and read the classic, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, a book I read to my own kids when they were little. We actually all read the book together. Talk about bringing back memories! Cherry Hills Village Elementary will be next with, Who Will See Their Shadows This Year.

Every time I walk out of a school after reading or helping a class with a project, I’m reminded that giving them our heart, and time, is really important. Those buildings of laughing, running, delightful kids are our future…I love that I can help them enjoy a book or two before they are forced into the busy lives that await them. And hopefully, they will want to do the same for kids in their community when they are grown.

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