Stay cool & have fun this summer: Camping, glamping and S’mores

With the hot weather we’ve been experiencing, many turn to camping as a way to head to the mountains to cool off. I like this website for giving great ideas on camping and other fun things to do in Colorado. . With some campsites needing reservations far in advance, many figure it is impossible to go camping last minute. Not to fear! There are opportunities for those of us to prefer to spontaneously pack up the gear, grab the kids and pile into the car for a weekend “roughin’ it” to do so.

If you aren’t into pitching your own tent, glamping has become popular and with a little more planning, you can rent a yurt or cabin to satisfy your craving for a camping experience that won’t ruin your manicure.

No matter if you camp or glamp this summer, one of the finest parts of either has to be America’s favorite campfire treat, the S’more. Here are some exciting recipes that are sure to be a hit either at home, around the campfire or prepared by your personal chef. Enjoy!

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