Summer Camps for Kids

Summer Camps

The Denver area has a variety of summer activities. Summer camps offer a way to bridge the gap between mid-May and August for working parents. They can also provide ways for kids to expand their mental and physical horizons. Camps provide a great way to teach the kids independence, make new friends, learn new skills, and entertain kids while parents are at work.

Summer Camps in Colorado

Academic day camps, sleep-over camps, or camps teaching kids camping and outdoor skills are all available in our wonderful state of Colorado. No matter a child’s interest in science, math, the outdoors, or the arts, there is a camp that will give kids a chance to learn new things this summer. Plan summer now for a seamless flow from spring to summer, as spaces are limited.

Following this link from the Denver Post will offer tips on preparing kids for overnight camps. . While the idea of having your child spend a week away from home may seem scary at first, it can do wonders for building confidence for kids who are properly prepared. For science lovers, check out Denver Museum of Nature & Science’s summer camp schedule at Furthermore, tech lovers should check out DU’s schedule at Similarly, Savy Source includes south suburban options Local rec centers and gymnastic facilities like A+ Athletics offer summer schedules as well .

No matter your plans for the summer, consider a summer camp or other summer activities. It can be a growing experience for everyone. Signing up for camps with other families is always fun as well so you can carpool and the kids know each other.

The Corken + Company Realtors will be spending lots of time with their kids this summer. There are so many activities to choose from but maybe we will see you at some.


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