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The Home Selling Process

Planning to sell your home but aren’t sure of how it’s done? Here is a simplified version of how my process typically works: 1. Owner contacts broker to discuss goals 2. Broker “walk through” of home to determine value 3. Broker creates a pricing and marketing strategy 4. Owner receives broker welcome letter/sales process and agreement 5. Broker and owner

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Move Tips for Kids and Pets

Moving can be emotionally draining no matter how smoothly it all goes. Whether you have chosen to buy a home in Denver or sell a home in Denver, moving is a hard task. It is easy to forget about how the kids and even pets feel about the move. Changing moods, short tempers, appetite swings and potty accidents can all

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Waiting for Perfection? Don’t

Waiting for the home that has everything on your “must-have” list might actually prevent you from buying the home of your dreams. When you’re looking to buy a home in Denver, let your list of what you want help you narrow your home options, not eliminate them.Rigidly insisting a house have everything on your list may prevent you from making

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Home Ownership Has Its Benefits

The benefits of owning a home are many – from tax benefits to having a space you can truly call home. While it is tempting to rent while waiting to find the “perfect home,” it might make sense to buy a home in Denver sooner versus later. Unless you’re building a custom home, it is unlikely that you’ll find a

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Walkable School Options

While Douglas County has abundant award-winning school options, both public and private, it is the wide variety of quality walkable school options that offer families moving to the area great choices that other areas do not have. When looking to buy a home in Denver, this is a feature that is important to many owners. For example, within the Heritage

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After the Move | Settling in Successfully

After you buy a home in Denver, all the effort and energy you spend preparing to move to a new community, it can be surprising to discover that learning about the community after you’re there can take almost as much effort as the move itself. Perseverance, patience and a positive attitude will take you far. Here are some things to

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