Teaching Kids Important Life Skills

Teaching Kids Life Skills
How can we create a foundation of success that carries through to adulthood? Growing up in the world today there is a lot more information when it comes to developing life skills and tools, such as financial literacy or communication. When it comes to our children we want to make sure and create a home filled with responsibilities, tasks and encouragement to help them acquire these necessary life skills. Home ownership can play an important role in their future. Start today by teaching them important life skills!


Cooking and Kitchen Skills:

One of the top selling features of any home is the kitchen. This is where the family meets, celebrates, and grows. Teaching children skills in the kitchen helps them develop problem solving tools, along with the understanding that failure is ok. Elementary school kids can help with cooking, learn to cut with a dull (or child-friendly) knife, and make basic meals such as sandwiches. They might also put groceries away and help wash the dishes.


Tweens and teens can read recipes, measure ingredients, and learn to prepare a meal. They can use a broom and dustpan, create a grocery list, and take out the trash. Teach them to plan and prepare a meal with several ingredients and use the oven.


Financial Literacy:

Money management skills that are learned early on can have an impact throughout a child’s life. The New York Times reports that more than two dozen state legislatures are considering bills on financial literacy education in our high schools. High school students in 21 states (Colorado not among them) are required to take a personal finance course to graduate. These tools can help your children when it comes to making wise financial decisions for their future.


Teaching children about home ownership and the benefits of real estate as a long term investment can start at a young age. Showing what mortgage payments are, utilities, etc. will set them up for realistic expectations when they move out and will help develop a sense of ownership in their lives.


Communication Skills:

Communication is an important skill for every adult. Lessons we teach our children now can set them up for success in all areas when it comes to communicating clearly and effectively. When it comes to family changes, such as relocating or finding a new home, include the kids in the conversations, make them feel seen and heard and show them that communication is important for everyone. Giving kids the opportunity to speak up and share their thoughts and feelings about any family changes will allow for better transitions.


It is important for children to be equipped with the tools and knowledge they will need to have a successful future, and all of these things can be done right in the comforts of your own home.

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