Time to Sell, According to well…Everybody

Time to Sell
Denver needs inventory. It’s no secret and it’s really just that simple. Your home is in high demand. Real estate professionals from all corners of the industry are shouting from the rooftops (likely of their clients’ homes after receiving multiple offers over-asking): sell, sell, sell! If you desire more space, realize you have too much space and too much maintenance, need to relocate or simply want to explore your other options, now is the time to make your move. Corken + Company will consider your specific situation and help you take advantage of this active market.


Last week, we discussed the process and benefit of selling your home with Corken + Company. You already know our strategic pricing and marketing can make all the difference in this sellers’ market. But, if you’re still on the fence about whether to sell, don’t just take our word for it. Real estate professionals ranging from brokers, consultants, lenders, and the like are all emphasizing the opportunities that abound for those looking to sell a home in the Denver market right now. First Alliance Title, a prominent local title company, shares a compelling list of their own: 5 Reasons to Sell This Winter. At Corken + Company, we value their third-party insight and think you will too!


1. Demand
First Alliance Title draws attention to an intriguing measure of activity and demand in the market. That measure is the number of showings scheduled to view a home which has long sat at an average of 7 showings.  By the end of last year, it increased to an astonishing 13 showings. The increasing desire nationwide to live and work in Denver is only fueling the fire. The buyers are out there and they are on the hunt.


2. Appreciation
It is not only guaranteed that your home is valued higher than the day you bought it, but it is likely of higher value than it was last year, last month, or even yesterday. The Denver Metro Association of Realtors reported a 12.4% increase in average sale price in November 2020 from the year prior. In December, they reported an even higher 16.4% increase. Corken + Company is prepared, with decades of experience in strategic pricing and negotiation, to garner the highest value for your most precious asset.


3. Market Pace
The pace of this market can be monitored by the number of days a listing will sit in MLS. How fast they go under contract and how fast they close, offer insight into how quickly buyers are wanting and willing to work. While this number can depend on the price range and features of a particular home, the majority of homes on the market go under contract quickly and move through closing rapidly. Expect bidding wars, cash offers, foregone contingencies and expedited closings. We know real estate moves fast. At Corken + Company, we move faster.


4. Less Competition
When you look to sell a home during the winter, there are some strategic benefits. Less people want to move in the colder months. So, while competition is already slim in Denver, these next few months it will be even more slim. Your home is likely to get more exposure now than if you were to list in the spring when many others will be doing the same. Corken + Company, with our network of home professionals,  can ensure your home stands even farther above the rest.


5. Low Interest Rates
The exciting part of this important reason is in considering what is next. Interest rates are at an all-time low. Many sellers looking to trade up in size, location, or value can likely afford more home than ever before. The possibilities are enticing. Let’s explore them together!


Corken + Company, boasting real estate solutions without limits, is eager to help you sell a home and make a move in the market. We join our fellow experts in urging, the time is ripe to sell, sell, sell! 
  1. Demand – The average number of showings a home books is up significantly. National and local buyers abound!
  2. Appreciation – Sale prices continue to increase meaning your home is worth more than ever before.
  3. Market Pace – Buyers are motivated to abide by your timeline, no matter how fast.
  4. Competition- Beat the rush of Spring sellers by listing now. The early bird gets the worm.
  5. Interest Rates – This all-time low won’t last long. Not only does it mean motivation for buyers, but if you’re a seller also looking to buy, you can afford more than you could this time last year or really any year prior.

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