Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Gear for Kids

Whether it’s a day on the slopes in the mountains, a morning hiking trails, or a weekend camping, Colorado kids need outdoor gear! Our team at Corken + Company absolutely loves living in beautiful Colorado, and with all the outdoor activities you and your family might need to stock up on some gear. Here is a list of the best outdoor gear for kids for your next family adventure.


Rain jacket
Rain pants
Synthetic long-sleeved shirt
Synthetic pants
Trail Boots

In Colorado, it’s rare that kids need a rain jacket all day, but a lightweight one is essential when it comes to staying outside during afternoon showers.
Hiking boots help kids maneuver more easily along trails without slipping or twisting an ankle on rough terrain, and will keep more debris out of their shoes.


Sleeping bag
Insulated synthetic jacket
Warm hat (beanie, balaclava)
Camp cooking utensils/plate

Kids need a bag that will keep them snug and toasty for mountain camping.

Water Sports:

Sun hat
Sun shirt
SUP board
Fishing rod
Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
Water shoes

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends a rating of UPF 50+ to protect kids’ skin while exposed to long periods of sun.


Road/pavement bike
Mountain bike
Camelbak/water hose backpack system

When shopping for a kids’ mountain bike, look for one with suspension forks to absorb bumps in the trail and help reduce hand and arm fatigue when riding.


A Day at the Park:

Short-sleeved active shirt
Reusable snack bags
Water bottle
Active shorts

Choosing a breathable, quick-drying shirt for outdoor play means kids will stay comfortable longer and want to stay active longer.
Find more outdoor gear for kids at:

Ultimate Colorado Kid Gear Guide

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