Waiting for Perfection? Don’t

Waiting for the home that has everything on your “must-have” list might actually prevent you from buying the home of your dreams. When you’re looking to buy a home in Denver, let your list of what you want help you narrow your home options, not eliminate them.Rigidly insisting a house have everything on your list may prevent you from making an offer on a home that could be everything you desire. In a hot market where inventory levels are low, predicting and visualizing what a home can be is a valuable skill.Accepting the idea that it may take adding a couple features to your new home will increase your chances to buy a home in Denver that you like before someone beats you to it.

Try to assign levels of importance to your list of must-haves.Identify which items can affordably be added after the purchase, and try not to cross a home off your list simply because it doesn’t meet all your requirements today.Look for “good bones” and a layout you like, then work with your broker to connect with resources who can help estimate time and costs when looking to buy a home in Denver.

So, if you find yourself thinking, “this house would be perfect if only it had…,” think again. A home you pass on today could become the home of your dreams tomorrow with a few simple customizations. Corken + Company is here to help you buy a home in Denver and for all of your Real Estate solutions without Limits.

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