10 Ways to Brighten Up Your Living Room

A lighter, brighter color scheme brings affordable elegance to your home. Corken + Company wants to give you some amazing tips and tricks to brighten up your living room.

Bring In the Bling:

A polished coffee table both reflects light and doubles the impact of the accessories atop it. Even better: Glass and metallic pieces complement any color schemes.


Wash the Walls:

The gradual accumulation of particulates like dust and soot can make a space look subtly dingy. While it doesn’t catch the eye at first, is it noticeable when you rearrange wall decor. Head off the heartbreak of learning your walls are grimy by making a point of dusting and washing them once a year.


Tidy Up:

The key to enjoying the effect of a pale area rug is, of course, being able to see it in the first place. Corralling clutter and relocating or getting rid of extraneous furniture is important in all spaces, but it’s especially crucial in smaller and darker spaces.


Choose Accessories Wisely:

Keeping a space light when deploying bold, attention-grabbing pieces like brightly colored chairs is all about giving the eye a chance to rest. In this case, a light occasional table with a gleaming top and a glass lamp offers a casual and concealed space between two commanding seats.


Repaint Furniture:

Chairs with a darker finish would have felt far too heavy and traditional in an eclectic space. With a fresh coat of white paint, the chairs complement the gleaming walls and hearth beautifully.


Add Brightness With a White Rug:

Don’t let pets and the fear of accidents deter you from the power move of accenting your living room with a white area rug. Modern materials are up to the task of withstanding stains, and there’s nothing like a pale textile on the floor to make your space feel both bright and cozy.


Wash the Windows:

Need a bit of motivation to have a go at your windows? Dirt and other substances don’t just prevent sunlight from streaming in and making your home feel fresh, they can also etch glass, making depressing debris permanent.


Trade-In Textiles:

An ample white sofa (or an ample sofa with a white slipcover) will perk up a gloomy space, to be sure. Consider how bright space feels, despite deep-hued rugs and toss pillows. If you’re not ready to commit to a massive white piece, you could drape armchairs in pale sheepskins.


Incorporate Metallic Elements:

You don’t need to have a heavy hand with gold and silver to brighten your space with gleaming details. Consider the subtle touches on accent pillows and the legs of chairs, which add subtle dimension to the room.


Go All-In on the Walls:

Want to instantly add brightness to a room? Painting your walls and built-in white is a sure way, and instantly makes any colorful accessories in the room pop. With a white backdrop, you don’t need to go for intense colors. On-trend leather and natural woods are a great way to add interest.
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