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The True Value of a CMA: The What, Why & How:

This mysterious acronym may be the most valuable tool you have when selling your home. It might determine how long your home sits on the market. It might determine who exactly sees your home listed. It might even determine just how much you are able to sell your home for. So, what is this invaluable little tool?   A CMA

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Corken + Company Real Estate Solutions without Limits

Learn More About the Corken + Company Family

Your home is likely the most valuable asset you own. Give it the respect and attention it deserves by entrusting your real estate transactions to Corken + Company. When you decide to sell, are ready for a fresh start, seeking a luxury lease, or dipping your toes in investment real estate, we know you have a lot of options when

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Benefits of Signing A Multiyear Lease for Renters & Investors

It might seem counterintuitive at first. Most renters are drawn to the idea of renting because it is a shorter-term commitment than purchasing a home. However, there are still plenty of benefits to renting, even in the long-term, that make it a great real estate option to explore.   Corken + Company, unlike many real estate brokerages, specializes in buying,

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Post Pandemic Home Purchasing

Many of us thought that like the rest of the economy, housing and real estate would experience some sort of lull (or possibly even crash) in response to COVID and its ensuing restrictions. Here we are now, more than a year later and no such thing took place. In fact, there was barely a hiccup.   Real estate, especially in

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10 Reasons To Become A Homeowner

Corken & Company specializes in leasing, selling, and buying property in Denver Metro and surrounding cities. We have pursued specialization in all three because oftentimes they are not mutually exclusive. In fact, many of our clients have chosen Corken & Company to do all three at one point or another on their real estate journey.   And while no two

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6 Pro Tips for Decorating Your New Home

From our childhood bedroom to our dorm room, our first apartment to our first home, and even our family home to our retirement space, our life circumstances dictate where we live and vice versa. At Corken + Company we have been fortunate enough to stand alongside you during many of these life transitions and the real estate transactions that demarcate

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March 2021: Market Update

Denver real estate remains on its forward, upward, and accelerated trajectory. Buyers are purchasing more quickly than sellers are listing. Home prices rise and interest rates fall. Luxury real estate especially has seen robust growth since last year more than doubling. A few indicators might predict stabilization of this market: vaccination distribution and seasonality. If more homeowners decide to list their

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What We Wish You Knew

We are in the midst of a whirlwind real estate market and having the right partner by your side to navigate all of its twists and turns is essential. Being strategic and diligent from a unified front will make all the difference. In the spirit of team work, we thought we would take this opportunity to peel back the veil

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The Power of Good Design & How to Avoid the Common Blunders

Looking around your house and feeling bored with the decor, tired of the wall color, and cramped among your current furniture? Whether you are hoping to find deeper enjoyment and more functionality from your home now or considering selling it in the near future, a well-designed home can make all the difference in its personal value to your family and

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