7 Winter Decorating Trends

Winter Decorating Trends

Decorating your home for the holidays doesn’t only have to revolve around decking the halls. Check out these 7 winter decorating trends for warming up your home this winter season!

Revamp your fireplace

Swap out tiling or upgrade molding for a new feel to your fireplace. Consider a modern rustic touch by layering your fireplace with multiple components. 


Create a focal point

Find a piece that stands out in your decor and make this the focus of the room. While this is often the fireplace, it can also be features of the ceiling, windows, or shelving!


Add comforting scents

An underrated interior design touch is the scent of your room. Smells impact our minds just as much as the visuals in the room do. Consider a classic lavender or earthy sandalwood. 


Let the outdoors in 

We all love the joy of the outdoors, but we are not as able to enjoy it when the temperatures drop. Bring in the feeling of the outdoors in with plants, wickers, and timber. Faux plants will offer more ease and maintenance. 


Add texture

A rug is a quick way to add texture and change to the room. Consider laying different rugs with various textures for an added flair! There is however a balance, be sure to integrate some smooth elegant elements as well. 


Feature walls

Another option for a focal point would be to create a feature wall in the room. This may be as simple as an elegant patterned wallpaper or hanging decorative shelves. 


Bring your travels home

Travel-inspired motifs bring the country and culture inside. These not only elevate your interior decor, but they are also great conversation starters as we gather inside. 


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Our Corken + Company team loves to decorate for the holidays! We will definitely be following these winter decorating trends. Let us know what your favorite holiday decorations are.


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