2021 Vacation Trends

Vacation Trends
Covid-19 changed all of our lives. It changed the way we work, do school, and live our normal everyday existence. Additionally, travel has also drastically transformed. There are a few vacation trends that developed in 2021 that will likely remain. From rising campground visits and RV vacations to one-tank trips, here are the trends that insiders predict will affect the travel landscape going forward this year and beyond.


More Domestic Travel:

The US State Department is currently advising all American citizens to avoid international travel due to the global impact of coronavirus. Some states are still also requiring self-imposed quarantines for visitors who enter their borders. Those who do opt to travel abroad despite government recommendations can face 14-day quarantine requirements on arrival. Therefore, travel outside the United States has been a hard sell right now.


Camping Getaways:

KOA conducted a survey to take the temperature of today’s travelers. They found that nearly a third (32 percent) of those who have not camped before expressed an interest in camping. Respondents are clearly eager to get out into nature after being cooped up in the house. Among prospective campers, 41 percent are most interested in a cabin stay.


Car Travel:

A recent survey commissioned by roadside travel center Pilot Flying J revealed that 35 percent of people would rather drive this summer because of the ability to better control their environment and interactions. Many state tourism bureaus, including Colorado and California, share road trip itineraries on their sites for all types of travelers.


Less Plane Travel:

After a spike in travel in June and July, the average daily travelers have started to fall again due to the Delta Variant. Air travelers are predicted to choose direct routes when flying rather than ones with plane changes and more interaction.


Trips Into Nature Predicted to Rise:

A recent KOA study found that nearly half (46 percent) of those surveyed were ready to get back to nature. As outdoor lovers get ready to hike, bike, kayak and canoe, a group of nearly 20 outdoor-focused organizations, including the American Hiking Society, REI and the National Park Foundation, came together to form the Recreate Responsibly Coalition.


Multigenerational Travel:

We’ve all embraced the comfort of family in 2020. And 2021 will see more of us embracing family togetherness with more trips taken where extended families of parents, grandparents and grandchildren rent a B&B or Airbnb together and enjoy private tours so that they can vacation safely.


Wellness Travel:

Already an emerging trend before coronavirus came on the scene, wellness travel will continue to see massive growth in 2021 especially travel dedicated to immunity-boosting treatments and yoga, meditation and nature walks, all of which show the long-term effects of our interest in good health and the mind-body connection.


As we look to the Fall we can expect that travel will look a little different for all of us. Our team at Corken + Company hopes you and your family can find important pockets of time to enjoy those vacation days together with the ones you love.


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