Add a New Twist to Your Home Bar

This fall is a great time to freshen up your home bar areas for this season’s indoor entertainment and upcoming seasonal festivities. Bars located in the home are excellent places to display unique barware, liqueurs, and other fancy glassware. In addition, they are a great way to heighten your Denver real estate marketing. Small bar-oriented collections like wine pulls or martini shakers can also be shown off here. No matter what size your home, or where you may choose to place your in-home bar, there are always new bar design elements worth considering for adding a twist of fun. Bars are a great additional selling point for Denver real estate marketing. Shake, stir or blend your bar carts, basement wet bar areas,and that even that chef’s desk no one uses in the kitchen by converting it to a kitchen beverage centers for beverage enjoyment by all. With a little research, new bar appliances, and a “bitters” of creativity you end up with a fantastic home bar experience that your family and friends will enjoy all winter long. Corken + Company looks forward to being your partner for all of your Denver real estate marketing needs.

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