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Basement renovation & design
The hot weather is here! Summer is in full swing in Colorado and it is time to make the most of the coolest part of your house. Your basement is usually the place that family members will escape to in the heat, and this summer might be a good time to focus on renovating that space. Here are a few tips for basement renovation & design to get your basement summer ready:


Install a Gym:
No one likes to work out in the heat. Create a fun gym setup in your basement and use that cool summer space to get your workouts in. After your basement is cleared and cleaned, apply a garage floor sealant to the floor. An epoxy coating will make the floor more attractive and comfortable. Place a large workout mat in the most unobstructed corner and add your favorite equipment.


Install a Bathroom:
Running upstairs constantly when people need to use the restroom is an unnecessary hassle when you can install one down there. All you really need is a toilet and a pedestal sink, and many unfinished basements are already set up with roughed-in bathroom plumbing. Next, install drywall and a door for privacy and never wait in line for the bathroom again.


Personal Office:
Now that so many of us are working remotely, the basement is a great place to create a quiet space for your office. With a little elbow grease and some time, you can turn a portion of your unfinished basement into a well-lit personal office. This project will require you to install drywall, flooring, lighting, and electrical fixtures in one area of your basement.


Gaming Area:
Having a spot in your home where you can tell the kids to go “play” is important for all families. During the hot summer months the basement is a great place for a fun game room. A game room is a place where you can get away to enjoy your favorite activity, relax or play games. And depending on the condition of your basement, all you may need to turn it into a den is to add a large area rug, sofa or recliner, and an outlet for a TV. You could add a ping pong table or pool table, along with a gaming system.


When it comes to Colorado summers we can expect it to be very hot. Renovating your basement can make it a “cool” spot for the whole family to escape the heat. Utilize the cooling effects of your basement and make it a great hangout spot for the family. Looking for your perfect basement? Let Corken + Company help you today!


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