Benefits Of Moving Before Spring

Move before Spring

It’s no secret that as the weather gets warmer, so does the real estate market. Seasonally speaking, this often has to do with school start and end dates, when jobs are more likely to be hiring, and more businesses having activity. However, it’s important to remember that these are factors for many buyers, so the market tends to have more activity during this time. So, if you’re considering buying this year, why wait? Our team at Corken + Company offers three reasons why you may want to move before Spring. 


Annual patterns

The market goes through predictable trends every year with winter typically being quieter than Spring, and especially more quiet than summer. Right now there is lower buyer demand in the market, but experts predict that the uptick in customers in the market will not be an exception this year. According to Keeping Current Matters, “But rates have started to come down since last November, which has more and more potential buyers planning to jump into the market”.


Sellers are motivated 

Due to the low demand, some sellers have sat with a sign in their yard longer than they had hoped. Therefore, more sellers are willing to work with buyers to make the sale happen. There may be more room in the market for buyers to negotiate for their needs. As we head into the Spring, we’re likely to find more buyers in the market, making sellers less likely to negotiate with one party over another. 


Owning real estate = equity

We know that the price of goods is being felt by everyone. Our costs across the board are rising and for many, it seems that more money is going out than coming in. Take into consideration, continuing to rent only creates more outbound bills. Owning a home helps to create equity which can be applied to other purchases in the future. The money held in your home is something that belongs to only you and allows for you to build your overall financial worth. 


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