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Colorado has been a magnet for individuals seeking a change of scenery & lifestyle. Learn more about migration trends in & out of the state. Corken + Company. 303-858-8003

In recent years, Colorado has been a magnet for individuals seeking a change of scenery and lifestyle. From outdoor enthusiasts to those in search of a vibrant culture, the state has drawn people from all corners of the United States. However, a closer look at migration data in the last few years reveals a surprising twist in the tale.


The Numbers:

Between 2021 and 2022, Colorado experienced a net migration deficit, signaling a departure from the usual trend. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2022 American Community Survey, the state lost a total of 9,324 residents solely due to migration. This dip in population raises concerns not just for the demographic landscape but also for the economic vitality of the state.


Destination: Elsewhere:

So, where did Colorado’s residents go during this period? The data points to a significant southward trend, with nearly 21,000 individuals heading to the sunshine state, Florida, and about 24,500 choosing the Lone Star State, Texas, as their new home. California, with its allure of beaches and tech hubs, attracted 19,970 former Colorado residents.


California Calling:

While the out-migration numbers may suggest a trend of leaving Colorado, a deeper analysis of net migration reveals a different story. Colorado seems to be attracting more individuals from California than it is losing to the Golden State. The numbers speak for themselves – over 33,200 people made the journey from California to Colorado between 2021 and 2022, making California the leading source of migrants to the Centennial State.


The ebb and flow of migration patterns are natural in any dynamic state, and Colorado is no exception. Despite the temporary setback in net migration, the state continues to be an attractive destination for individuals seeking a change in their lives. As we navigate the evolving landscape of migration trends, it’s clear that Colorado’s allure remains strong, drawing in new residents from unexpected places and solidifying its position as a state of choice for those in search of a fresh start.


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