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As we have settled into the unsettling circumstances of this past year, we have been reminded of the importance of home. Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz sums up our collective sensibility best: we surely aren’t in Kansas anymore. The pandemic, the election, and various other important economic and social conditions have tested our patience and our sense of safety and community. We have had to look inward for assurance and refuge. Our family, our close friends and our homes have become more important than ever. They have had to fill in the newly forming gaps. 


Our home is no longer just the place we rest our head at night. The dining room table functions as our childrens’ classroom. Our kitchen is the new hip restaurant in town. The walk to our home office serves as our daily commute and our backyard is the farthest camping trip we took this summer. In conclusion, the capacity and functionality of our homes have truly been tested. Corken + Company, being in the business of home-making, hopes they have served their purpose and then some. Your homes should be exceeding your expectations.


Finding real estate solutions in the Denver Metro for our clients for the last 20 years has really meant finding life solutions. As you navigate the demands of your family’s new normal, let Corken + Company be your resource. We know the importance of home. Like Dorothy said, there’s just no place like it. 


We asked our team what home means to them and wanted to share their thoughtful responses with all of you…


“Home is always, and will forever be, where the heart lives.”

-Lori Corken, Managing Broker & Owner of Corken + Company 


“Home is a place where we can be ourselves, with no judgement in an already judgmental world. A place where we can build a family, memories, and a safe haven for our children.”

-Rachel, Licensed Realtor & Leasing Manager


“Home is my safe space. The place we celebrate joys, unravel struggles, cook warm meals, and cuddle up with loved ones. Home has always been something I am grateful for. But as today’s world continues to change and shift, it is nice to have a constant.”

-Caiti Corken, Marketing Coordinator


“Home is where we share laughs, memories, and quality times with the people we love.”

-Cameron Corken, Operations Manager


“Home is a sanctuary of peace and love where you can welcome family, entertain friends and celebrate life.”

-Melissa Marney, Licensed Realtor & Leasing Assistant 


“Home is a reflection of self. It provides a precious sense of belonging.”

-Rachel L’Heureux, Blog & Copywriter


Call our team at Corken + Company. With over 20+ years of experience in the Colorado real estate market, we provide Real Estate Solutions without Limits at 303-858-8003.

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