Seven Cosmetic Upgrades to Sell your Home

Cosmetic upgrades to sell your home
We all know the feeling of walking into a beautiful home, the peace and relaxation is unmatched. Now imagine your prospective buyers walking into a home like this! How much more will they want to own a beautiful space like yours? Let us help you with a few tips to sell your home fast.


Add a Fresh Coat of Paint:

You might be a fan of burgundy bedroom walls but chances are, the mass population won’t feel the same. Head to the home improvement store for a few gallons of a light, neutral paint to appeal to the mass market. Light gray, beige and classic white are all fool-proof picks.


Add Crown Molding:

Install crown molding to woo prospective buyers as soon as they step through the door. This traditional, cosmetic update is easy to DIY and has the power to give a space a polished and stable appearance. Who wouldn’t want that, right?


Install New Hardware:

Toss any dated or tarnished cabinet pulls and replace them with sleek, nickel or brushed brass hardware to give your kitchen and baths a current and clean look. The key to success is to stick to hardware with simple or classic silhouettes that speak to the architectural style of your home.


Stain the Floors:

Bring your beautiful hardwood floors back to life by adding a few coats of dark stain. We love this trick because not only does it give your home a handsome, fresh look but it also disguises years of wear-and-tear.


Slap on Subway Tile:

Don’t let grimy and/or dated tile be the reason prospective buyers walk away without putting in an offer. Roll up your sleeves and install some crisp, white subway tile to give your kitchen or bath a fresh, universal look that works with many different design styles. Don’t forget to refresh existing tile by cleaning or touching up worn or stained grout.


Update Ceiling Fans + Light Fixtures:

No one wants that dated ceiling fan from 1987 and they certainly don’t want the glossy, brass chandelier that comes with it. Invest in replacing any dated ceiling fixtures in the home, prioritizing the high traffic areas first.


Paint the Kitchen Cabinets:

Unfortunately, orange-y oak cabinets from circa 1993 aren’t doing so hot in today’s real estate market. Bring your cabinets into the 21st century with a fresh coat of paint. Be sure to stick to fresh, neutral colors like dove gray or a classic white hue to appeal to the masses.


These simple cosmetic upgrades can greatly increase how quickly your home will go off the market. Visit us today and let’s find your perfect buyer!


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