10 Easy Decluttering Projects

Sometimes all it takes is one small decluttering project to make a space feel tidier. Whether it’s tackling a single junk drawer or organizing craft supplies, here are some manageable organizing projects that will bring you one step closer to home organization bliss.


Focus Under the Kitchen Sink:

“Decluttering and organizing under the kitchen sink will provide daily benefits since the kitchen is such a high-use space,” says Michele Vig, founder and chief organizer at Neat Little Nest. To keep this area tidy, stow the items that you use on a regular basis, such as dishwasher tabs and sponges, and relocate all other items to a closet or garage shelf.


Corral Craft Supplies:

Craft supplies can quickly get out of hand in a home with young kids. Stow all the crayons, glue sticks, scissors and construction paper in labeled bins, and designate a craft shelf that all members of the family can reach.


Sort Out a Utensil Drawer:

If you’re constantly searching for kitchen utensils in cluttered drawers, tidy up your drawers with customizable inserts. Customizable drawer dividers allow you to use every inch of space.


Declutter Your Desk:

Home office desks often double as dumping grounds for mail, magazines and random office supplies. Declutter your desk by tossing or relocating unwanted items and thoughtfully organizing paperwork and office supplies.


Tidy Your Fridge:

Declutter this refrigerator by organizing snacks, dinner ingredients, produce and other items in clear, stackable bins. Organize your fridge after a shopping trip so that you know what foods need to be sorted.


Keep Linens in Line:

To achieve orderly linen closets and cabinets, stack and labels linens and towels according to bed size or room. Use linen closets to stash utility items that aren’t used everyday, such as batteries, backup toiletries and medicine.


Clear Kitchen Counters:

Clear all of your kitchen counters for instant peace of mind and to maximize space for cooking. Hang knives on a magnetized strip instead of storing them in a knife block, which takes up a lot of space. Consider a pretty tray or turntable to help minimize the visual clutter. A pretty label can also help make items that are on the countertop look much more purposeful.


Tidy the Medicine Cabinet:

Tackle your disorganized medicine cabinet by removing all items, grouping similar items together and tossing anything that hadn’t been used in the past year. Put items in acrylic bins and pretty Mason jars for easy identification.


Tame a Junk Drawer:

Whether it’s a nightstand drawer or a kitchen drawer, junk drawers can happen in any room. Sort junk drawer items into “keep” and “relocate” piles. Put “relocate” items where they belong and place the “keep” items back in the drawer, organized in bins that can accommodate items of all sizes.


Declutter the Entryway:

Tired of tripping over shoes every time you enter and leave the house? Stash all those shoes into a large shoe organizer — and use spare cubbies and shelf space for other common entryway obstacles like backpacks and outdoor accessories.


The fall can be a stressful time gearing up for holidays and school events. It is helpful to have a clean and organized house to reside in. We hope these tips help you declutter and create a peaceful home! 


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