Design Tricks to Make Your Home Your Happy Place

Home is a sanctuary, a cheerful retreat, somewhere you can relax and always feel … well, at home. No matter the shape, size, or style of your space, there are so many small (and big!) ways to make it feel extra special. The team here at Corken + Company wants to help you make your perfect happy place!

Try Out Some Essential Oils

Looking for a flameless option? “Essential oils help me set a happy mood in my home,” explains Laura James, commerce editor for “I love diffusing calming lavender before bed and an energizing citrus oil like lemon or orange during the day when I’m trying to be productive. While it’s certainly a splurge, I really like this ceramic diffuser from Vitruvi because it almost looks more like a piece of art or ceramic vase than an ultrasonic diffuser. It complements my apartment’s decor and makes it smell amazing.”


Rearrange Accessories

Sometimes you just need a refresh. “Swap out blankets and pillows, move plants and lamps to give each room a breath of newness,” said Aly Morford and Leigh Lincoln, co-founders of Pure Salt Interiors. “We are not suggesting buying new things — simply re-envisioning your space with what you’ve got in the next room. Swap and shift things around. You’ll be surprised how good it feels.”


Make a Mindfulness Corner

Everyone could use one of these in their happy place! Include things like floor pillows, candles, books, and music to complete the space.


Cozy Up Your Bathroom

The bathroom is your place to disconnect, so why not make it as relaxing as possible? “Bring in soft items you don’t normally have in the bathroom, like an upholstered stool or pouf,” Aly and Leigh said. “Or bring in plants from other rooms while you’re relaxing in the tub. This will help transport you and create a special feeling, that it’s not your normal bathing experience.”


Create Pretty Displays

Have a bunch of oranges and apples and bananas to snack on? Aly and Leigh suggest making them look pretty! Here’s how: Peel off the unsightly stickers, find a beautiful bowl and place them on the dining room table. Voila!


Break Out All Your Vases

They don’t have to match perfectly! “We love a little collection of patterned vases with fresh flowers and greenery, somewhere that you’ll see it every day,” says Kristin Moehlig, junior designer at Terracotta Design Build Co. “When you do get the chance to leave the house for a walk, you can collect trimmings from the neighborhood, no purchase necessary!”


Decorate With Memories

“I have pictures in bookcases, on the walls, and on nightstands throughout my house,” says Lauren Fansler, special projects editor at “I love looking at past travel or happy moments in life. Pictures make my home more personal and can be a great conversation piece!”


Add Some Art

“Incorporating art can change the whole feel of a room,” says Lizzie Simon, assistant visuals editor for HGTV Magazine. Mix in cozy blankets and cute pillows.


Get Rid of Harsh Lighting

Chelsea Faulkner, the design editor for, says it right: overhead lighting is bleak, impersonal, and bright in all the wrong ways. “The obvious solution,” she says, “is lamps, but I’ve found that sometimes they don’t give off the amount of light I like. So, I tuck small lamps in unusual places like behind the TV, on the kitchen counter, and on the bookshelf to add soft pools of light all around, which makes me oh-so-happy.”
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