Everything You Need to Work From Home Effectively

Everything You Need To Work From Home Effectively
If you worked in an office before the pandemic, chances are you walked out one day in March 2020 to work from home, hoping to return in a couple of weeks or, at the very worst, a couple of months. But now, almost two years later, you’re still working from home — and given how many companies are pivoting to a remote-first culture, you may not for a while, or, maybe, ever.


Even though many of us have had time to adjust to working from home, the sheer unpredictability of the last year may have led you to wait before investing in things that can turn our largely comfort-focused homes into efficient professional workspaces.


To help in that endeavor, our team at Corken + Company thought this list of five items to work from home that will help improve any form of work-life.



1.  BYLLAN Laptop support

This product helps keep your laptop stable on any surface! They also offer a padded laptop tray, which is said to be way more compact than a table and can easily be brought onto a balcony or fire escape. (Or the couch.)



2. Ikea Micke Desk, White

This desk is compact enough to fit in most spaces and feels just clean, bright, and efficient. With two drawers, there is enough storage to be able to work efficiently. On top of all of this, it’s one of the most affordable desks we can find for such quality!



3. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

If you’ll be using your home workspace to do more than fire off an email or two, you will definitely want a proper desk chair. This desk chair has a supportive mesh construction, roller wheels, and the ability to adjust both the armrest and seat height. It’s also very reasonably priced for a chair with excellent back support.



4. Woods Clamp Lamp

Architect Peter Dumbadze has used this clamp lamp at his own desk “for years.” Beyond appreciating its “utilitarian style,” Dumbadze says that clipping a few of the inexpensive lamps around a workspace can create more balanced lighting.



5. Apple Magic Keyboard

keyboard for working from home

If you’re planning to work from home on an Apple computer, customers rave about this keyboard. Typing all day can often be much easier on a portable keyboard because it’s size and the ability to move it where you need it.



Ultimately we hope these products help you enrich and enhance your work from home life! Not just in efficiency but in comfort and style as well.



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