5 tips for Fall Home Maintenance

Fall Home Maintenance
Fall is fast approaching in Colorado. It is a good time to be reminded that your home may require some extra maintenance. We here at Corken and Company want all of our clients to be informed on all the necessary tips and tricks to protect their homes in the coming months. Here are a few important fall home maintenance tips:


Watering Frequency:

Slow down your watering frequency. Be sure to blow out your sprinklers before the first freeze. You do not want to get caught with water in your pipes once things start to freeze over.


Trimming and Weeding:

Trim and weed bushes, rake leaves and clean your yard in preparation for freezing temps & minimal growth.


Smoke Detectors:

Check smoke detector & carbon monoxide alarm batteries.



Since you will be spending more time inside it is important to get your HVAC systems checked and filters replaced.


Outdoor Necessities:

Remember to clean your patio. This includes putting grills and any furniture away that are not covered.


Fall brings dryer days and cooler evenings. This makes it the perfect time to tackle maintenance around the house before winter. These tips will help you make sure your home is ready for the warm and cozy months ahead!

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