Reasons to Hire a Realtor for a New Build

Hire a realtor for a new build

Is it time to consider taking the home-buying process into your own hands? Instead of agonizing over whether to compromise on your dream home, consider building a custom home. For those prospective home buyers whose house hunt has reached an unfortunate standstill, start composing a checklist for your perfect custom home. Unlike house hunting, building custom will allow you to move into a pristine property tailored to your unique needs. Not to mention, you can customize every element of your house.

It may seem unnecessary to bring a realtor into the process if you’re not purchasing a home. But, a realtor can advocate for your needs and give you a sense of security as you build. Without a realtor at your aid, bringing your custom home plan to life can border the impossible. Corken and Company values “Real Estate Solutions Without Limits” and although you might not consider using a realtor for a custom home build we can guarantee it will add value and ease to the process.


Realtors Can Advocate for You:

When working with builders, many people assume their builder’s agent or salesperson is their advocate. This assumption isn’t valid. Ultimately, your builder’s agent represents the builder and their interests. While this construction personnel may say otherwise, ensuring these deals benefit the builder will almost always be goal number one.


Realtors Can Find You the Best Professional Contacts:

A local real estate agent has a wealth of connections in the home-buying and home-building markets. They likely know trustworthy, high-quality builders that will be sure to build a dream home, set to last a lifetime. With realtors on your side, your custom build will involve minimal repairs and virtually zero weekend improvement projects. Before meeting with your realtor, put together a home-buying wish list. From there, your realtor can walk you through the building process and put you in contact with a reputable builder.


Realtors are Experts at Understanding Builders’ Contracts:

When you meet with a builder for the first time, they’re sure to sell you on the best deal possible for them. Maybe you’ll walk through a model home, blown away by the craftsmanship, and walk out with an expensive contract they’ve sweet-talked you into signing. However, realtors are experienced in signing building contracts and understand the hidden costs and terms in builders’ contracts.


Realtors Will Save You Money:

Many people mistakenly assume that by not hiring a realtor, the realtor’s commission built into the cost of their home sale can be subtracted. Traditionally, if you don’t use a realtor, the money set aside for their commission will simply go back to the builder. Not only will the commission money go to waste if you don’t hire a realtor, but you’re also more likely to blow your budget without a professional by your side. Realtors can aid you in making sound financial decisions without compromising or making concessions to keep within your budget.


Realtors Can Help you Prioritize Your Budget:

As you begin adding upgrades and custom items to your build, you’ll see your spending steadily creep up by thousands of dollars. A realtor will sit down with you and your family before signing any contracts and determine what your priorities in your dream home are.


Realtors Can Negotiate on Your Behalf and Settle Disputed:

The home-building process is lengthy and involves many minor but essential components. It’s easy for even the most experienced builder to overlook a detail and make mistakes along the way. If your home-building process runs up against your budget or extends past your ideal timeline, you’re sure to feel stressed with any setback. Rather than letting your emotional state jeopardize a friendly relationship with your builder, hiring a realtor for a new build means they can handle any disputes and negotiate a better outcome for you.


Realtors Take Care of Builder Mistakes After Closing:

After you move into your new home and settle in, you might notice a few errors the builders left behind. Maybe you’re exhausted by the prospect of bringing your builder back to fix the mistake after a long building process and would rather live around the issue. Rather than settling for a less-than-perfect home, your realtor can handle any problems that may arise after closing and ensure mistakes are remedied quickly and efficiently.

Building a home can be stressful, but you don’t have to go on your journey alone. Hiring an experienced realtor who will walk with you every step of the way can save you precious money and time. You’ll walk away from the experience satisfied, with the perfect dream home.


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