How to Have a Fun-Filled Summer at Home

Remember your childhood summer days, where you’d spend your days at the pool and evenings playing flashlight tag?  As the summer is close to an end and we have all completed our summer vacations, help your kids stay entertained the way we used to. Check out these 7 old-school activities that the team here at Corken + Company felt would help spur creativity for your summer at home.

Built-In Beach:

Sandboxes have served kids’ desires to dig, pour, and build for over a century. Craft a sandbox by assembling a simple raised bed with cedar boards, or even easier, setting an old tire in the shade and filling it with sand from the garden center.


Batter’s Up Balloons:

Play up summer festivities by stringing large water balloons from a tree branch for a wet and wild piñata party.


Swing City

The classic tree swing is not out of reach if you have a mature tree in your yard. With just a few pieces of sturdy wood, sandpaper, screws, and glue, you can build the perfect high-flying seat.


Backyard Bowling

Create a bowling set up with a long patch of lawn, deck, or sidewalk, and pins made out of 2-liter soda bottles, each filled with ½ to 1 cup of pebbles. Then, grab a playground or soccer ball and get rolling!


“Car” Wash

Kids will love sliding through sprinklers and playing with sponges filled with suds. Set up a hose with a sprinkler attachment and buckets with dish soap. Little riders pedal through while you scrub and the water washes them down.



Imagine the bike is a bronc, then take it for a barrel race through an obstacle course and tracks drawn in chalk. Give each rider a cowboy hat (or any kind of hat) to toss into laundry baskets as they zip past.


Bike Shop

Break out the dungarees and work shirts, wrenches, tire pumps, and chain lubricant; it’s time to learn bike mechanics. Gain the lifelong skill of bike repair and maintenance alongside your young one for cooperative and intentional time together.
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15 Activities for an Old-Fashioned (and Fun-Filled) Summer at Home

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