Five Essential Maintenance Tips to Transition Your Home from Summer to Fall

Along with the change in season comes a shift in the needs of your home. Check out these maintenance tips for transitioning your home from Summer to Fall.

As the balmy days of summer give way to the crisp and cozy embrace of fall, it’s time to shift our focus from beach trips and barbecues to pumpkin spice lattes and warm sweaters. But along with the change in season comes a shift in the needs of your home. To ensure a seamless transition, here are five essential maintenance tips to help you get your home ready for the autumnal months.


1. Check and Clean Your Heating System:

Before the temperatures start to drop, it’s crucial to ensure that your heating system is in optimal condition. Schedule a professional inspection and maintenance for your furnace or heating system to make sure it’s clean and functioning properly. Clean or replace air filters as needed, and consider installing a programmable thermostat to efficiently regulate indoor temperatures.


2. Inspect and Seal Doors and Windows:

As the weather becomes cooler, you’ll want to keep the warm air inside and the chilly drafts out. Thoroughly inspect the seals and weatherstripping around doors and windows for any signs of wear and tear. Replace or repair damaged components to prevent heat loss and save on energy costs. Consider using draft stoppers at the base of doors to further prevent drafts.


3. Clean Out Gutters and Downspouts:

Fall brings with it a shower of colorful leaves, and while they may look picturesque on the trees, they can wreak havoc on your gutters and downspouts. Clear out any debris from gutters and downspouts to prevent clogs that can lead to water damage. This is especially important as fall leads into winter when proper drainage is vital to prevent ice dams.


4. Clean Up and Store Outdoor Gear:

As you bid farewell to the sunny days of summer, it’s time to clean up and properly store your outdoor gear to ensure it remains in top condition for the next season. Whether it’s patio furniture, gardening tools, or recreational equipment, a little extra care now can go a long way in extending the lifespan of your belongings.

  • Patio Furniture: Give your patio furniture a thorough cleaning before storing it away. Wipe down surfaces and cushions, and consider applying a protective coating to metal or wood surfaces. If possible, store furniture in a dry, sheltered area to prevent rust or deterioration.
  • Gardening Tools: Clean your gardening tools, such as shovels, rakes, and pruners, to remove dirt and prevent rust. Apply a light coating of oil to metal parts to provide protection during storage. Consider sharpening blades and tightening screws to ensure they’re ready for use when spring arrives.
  • Grill and BBQ Equipment: If you’re a fan of outdoor cooking, clean your grill thoroughly to remove grease and residue. Empty the drip tray and clean grill grates. If your grill is portable, consider storing it in a garage or shed to protect it from the elements.

Properly cleaning and storing your outdoor gear not only helps extend their lifespan but also saves you time and effort when you’re ready to use them again. As the days grow shorter and cooler, take the opportunity to organize and prepare your outdoor belongings for their hibernation, knowing that they’ll be in great shape when the warmer months return.


5. Prepare Your Fireplace and Chimney:

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, fall is the perfect time to get it ready for cozy nights indoors. Have your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional to remove any built-up creosote and ensure safe operation. Stock up on firewood and make sure your fireplace accessories are in good condition.


Transitioning your home from summer to fall doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following these five maintenance tips from the Corken + Company team, you’ll not only ensure a smooth transition but also create a comfortable and cozy environment for the upcoming season. Taking the time to address these tasks now will save you from potential headaches and expenses down the line. Embrace the changing leaves and cooler temperatures with a well-prepared home that’s ready to welcome autumn with open arms.

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