Power of a Voice: An Impactful Interview Series

The Power of a Voice Series, with Lori Corken, is an online interview series that dives into the lives of people who are willing to be vulnerable and share their stories to help others. Lori has captured the way of sharing not only her story but helping others share theirs in an intimate interview setting. As she says, we have all experienced joy and hardship, hope and grief, love and loss. Telling our stories continues to show us that we are in this together. This all started after Lori experienced a stroke in 2019. The mother and real estate broker spent days in the hospital, unable to understand why she was unable to talk. Now, three years after this terrifying ordeal, she is taking center stage in this eye-opening series. Moved and inspired to help other people find their voice, she began a series to give her guests a safe place to open up and share those stories. Each episode features new guests with more insight into the human experience. “I don’t want anybody to feel how this felt, and feel they don’t have a voice. Hence, Power of a Voice.” Corken says, in her recent interview with Fox 31 Denver. Through losing her voice, she found the power behind it. This vulnerability and inspiration is something you can catch every other Tuesday here. The first season spotlights 11 guests, with another coming this fall!   Learn more about the interview series at:http://loricorken.com/

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