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It’s natural when a year ends and another begins to look back and reflect. This year was difficult in so many ways and yet looking back all we find here at Corken + Company is gratitude. We were all faced with so many challenges: working from home, remote learning, disrupted schedules, cancelled trips, health concerns, ailing friends and family, job insecurity, and heartbreaking news stories. On top of that, we had to handle it all from six feet away with a mask on. And yet, here we are, twelve months later, providing Real Estate Solutions Without Limits and stronger than ever. We value so much the lessons we’ve learned and the relationships we’ve reinforced.


This year reminded us more than anything how important relationships are. One of our most valued is the one we share with all of you. We are a family-run business, dedicated to making personal connections. We consider each of you an integral part of our family. So, we want to take this opportunity to say thanks. Thanks for standing by us through a complicated year. Thanks for continuing to trust us with your most valued possession. Thanks for allowing us to advise you in some of the most important decisions you will ever make. It has a truly been an honor!


Without further ado, here is Corken + Company Real Estate Group’s year in review. Please share in the celebration. These accomplishments would mean nothing and would not have been possible without you!
Our team’s accomplishments this last year:
$24.4 million in sales, purchases, and leases.


Up 2.43% from last year, among a complicated social and economic climate.


Unprecedented record-breaking growth in quarter four with a $6.6 million increase from last year. 


5.49% increase in lease value from 2019 at almost $2 million.


90+ clients found home with Corken + Company this year.


With so much to be proud of, we look forward to all this coming year has in store! Happy New Year from the Corken + Company family!

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