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Benefits of Renting a Home

We talk a lot about the benefits of buying a home, but what about renting one? Renting and owning both have their advantages and disadvantages and it is important to weigh those things out before buying or signing a lease. In what areas does renting beat home ownership?


Here at Corken + Company we want to help you make the right decision for yourself and your family. Our team includes licensed realtors to help you buy and sell, as well as a luxury leasing and property management team with over 10+ years of experience in the Colorado market.


Read on for a list of the benefits in renting a home vs. owning a home.


Less Expensive Upfront:
Renting will have its own financial hurdles such as security deposits and last and first month’s rent. But even added up those don’t compare to the steep requirement of a down payment and closing costs. If you don’t have enough saved up to purchase yet, leasing may be a great choice.


More Flexibility:
Want to pack up and move across the country? It is a lot easier to break a lease than it is to sell a home, and a lot quicker as well. Renting sets defined terms that are a lot easier to get out of than owning a home. If you are someone that likes a more flexible lifestyle then renting might be for you.


When something breaks in your home there is usually immediate panic because of the steep costs. However, when you are renting those costs will be covered by the management company. Depending on your lease, you may be required to contribute to the repairs of problems that were caused as a direct result of your actions, but as long as you’re taking good care of your living space that shouldn’t be an issue.


Just because you are leasing doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Whether you’re looking for a luxury one bedroom or a five bedroom home, Corken + Company has multiple properties available. Our listings are well taken care of by the owners and property management team and ensure that you can find your dream home, even if it’s for a short time. Check out our luxury properties .


Renting might be a better step for you in this market. Let us help you find the perfect fit that will provide a flexibility only leasing can offer.


Corken + Company provides Real Estate Solutions without Limits, meaning we are not just limited to helping you lease. Let us set you up to lease your perfect home now, and buy your forever home in the future! Our team can help you buy, sell, lease, and more. Contact Corken + Company today.


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