Relocation Specialists in Denver

Relocation Specialists in Denver

If you’re considering relocation to Denver, or a neighboring suburb, you’re in the right place! At Corken + Co we are relocation specialists in Denver and we’re here to make the transition smooth and enjoyable. We’ve got all the info on neighborhoods, suburbs, commute, schools, crime, and entertainment.

Denver Relocation Specialists

Relocating is more than just finding the perfect house, and as relocation specialists in Denver, we can help you sort out all the moving parts including:

  • Neighborhood
  • Suburbs
  • Entertainment
  • School Districts
  • Medical Care and Specific Needs>
  • Religious Community
  • Commute Times
  • Public Transportation

And so much more. You can depend on us to help you make the best decisions that will benefit your family, your desires, and the life you want to build in beautiful Colorado. We can also help you find temporary housing if you are coming to Denver in a hurry and need a place to settle while you search for your dream home.

We’ll even refer trusted and talented contractors once you’ve settled in if you’re looking to make any updates, renovations, or customizations to your home! We work with the best of the best, and we are the relocation specialists in Denver.

Just ask us about our relocation services

Moving to Denver

This is a great time to be moving to Denver. This once small town has become a dynamic, creative, multi-cultural, and inspiring city with a heartbeat that is as unique as its views. This massive and rapid growth is good news for you too. Our Denver relocation realtors can steer you in the right direction while also showing you viable options in your price range and desired neighborhoods.

From incredible outdoor activities, to high-end restaurants, Denver really does have it all—not to mention the 300 sunny days metro Denver experiences, despite the snow!

We’ve got access to dozens of mountain resorts for skiing and snowboarding, river rafting and climbing, camping and hiking, live music and fine dining … Denver is a beautiful place to live, work, and play!

Denver is also surging with millennials who have relocated here for their dream jobs. We are embracing this change as it has brought an incredible art, music, and nightlife scene to Downtown Denver neighborhoods. The city is pulsing with life and we are fanning the flames to keep this contagious high energy rolling.

Best Relocation Neighborhoods in Denver

Choosing a neighborhood can feel like a daunting task when moving to a new city. There are so many lovely neighborhoods, suburbs, and varied areas in and around Denver, and we can help you narrow them down to the best fit for your needs. We are up to date on current market trends, new builds, historic homes, condos, apartments, rentals, temporary homes, and of course, luxury homes in Denver.

The Corken + Company neighborhood experts are the perfect people for this job! We have relocation realtors in Washington Park that can help you find a beautiful historical home in a neighborhood known for its friendliness, cleanliness, and safety.

Another popular neighborhood to relocate to is Greenwood Village. Our relocation realtors in Greenwood Village can give you the rundown of the incredible community, amenities, proximity to the city and the mountains, and all the information on the great school districts.

FAQ on Relocating to Denver

If you’re new to the Rockies and have no clue how to navigate winter roads, the altitude, common phrases associated with homes here, or what the marijuana laws are and how they affect you, we’ve got you covered there too. Here’s some answers to frequently asked questions we get from clients relocating to Denver:

  1. Do I need a 4-wheel drive vehicle?While we don’t get tons of snow that sticks long to the ground in Denver, when it does snow you’ll want a 4-wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicle to navigate the icy roads. The sun tends to come our right after a big storm, melting the snow quickly which then refreezes overnight and makes for an icy situation. Front wheel drive is absolutely necessary for driving in the city in the winter, and especially if you want to take weekend trips to the gorgeous and close mountains.

  2. What is altitude sickness?
    A common ailment for many who visit and move here, altitude sickness is not something you want to play with. The altitude of Denver is 5,280 feet above sea level and it is very dry here, making dehydration even more common. When coming from a lower altitude, you blood doesn’t receive as much oxygen and the air is much thinner here, with less oxygen overall. This lack of oxygen in your blood can make you feel dizzy, nauseous, cause headaches, vomiting, and flu-like symptoms. To avoid altitude sickness, drink plenty of water upon arriving, try to avoid alcohol and strenuous activity, and get plenty of rest. Once your body has acclimated after a couple days (or up to a week) you can resume normal activity, but always be aware of your water intake

  3. What are the rules and laws for marijuana?
    In Colorado, you must be 21 years old to legally purchase marijuana and marijuana products from a dispensary. There is absolutely no smoking, consuming, or vaporizing in public areas including sidewalks, parks, alleyways, rooftops. It is also illegal to be under the influence of marijuana while driving. And remember, although it is legal here, employers can still test for marijuana and discriminate against users.

We Are Your Denver Relocation Realtors

Let us help you in this exciting transition in your life. This is what we do, and we love to see people settle into the home and neighborhood that is best suited to your desires and the needs of your family.

Contact us today to begin your relocation process with our Denver relocation specialists.

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