Selecting the Best Realtor for You


When searching for a Denver Metro Realtor, interview multiple brokers from different real estate companies to find the broker and firm that best fits your needs. It is important to understand what your needs are. In addition, it’s important to know to what extent your Realtor can meet those needs.

Here are some factors to consider during your search:

Realtor sales volume:

Denver Metro realtors who handle a high volume of listings are well-oiled machines with proven systems in place. Your realtor will also need strong negotiation skills. Find a broker who won’t make you feel like a number and takes the time to communicate with you. For example, Corken + Company provides concierge style services to customize each experience to meet customers’ needs. Ensure there is a good connection with the person you will be working with day to day–the broker only or their support team.

Selling or buying:

Denver Metro Realtor personalities usually lean towards either selling or buying. Newer realtors tend to start with buyers. Then, as they build their business begin to add sales listings to their portfolio. Brokers who specialize in listing homes are often traditionally sales-minded people focused on closing the deal. As your realtor questions as how they find buyers for the homes they list, how your property will be marketed online, and contract requirements.

Experience in the area:

Regardless of whether you are selling or buying, ensure your real estate agent has experience in the area. Properly determining the property’s worth is critical to getting looks and offers. Timing is important. Knowing the neighborhood and having experience with multiple homes in that neighborhood is key.

Industry connections:

Ask questions about the connections your potential broker has in the industry. Who do they know, do they sit on community boards, how long have they been in the area themselves, how many neighbors do they know? Don’t underestimate the connection factor, as oftentimes leads for homes and buyers in low inventory situations are discovered and worked prior to a home hitting the market.


Last but not least, ask your friends and consult neighbors about how they feel about their real estate experience.

Finding a broker who is professional and experienced is one thing, but identifying a broker who you connect with and truly understands what you and your family need is just as important. By taking a look at what is important to you and doing some research upfront, you’ll find the right broker who will be there to help you on your home sales and purchases now and well into the future.


Corken + Company has been a trusted Denver Metro Real Estate company for 10+ years. We look forward to the potential to be your partner for Real Estate Solutions without Limits.

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