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Home Maintenance Tips
It seems like “snowpocolypse” was only last week but here in Denver we know the weather can turn quickly. Temperatures have jumped close to eighty degrees already this season. Of course, we can expect plenty more snow and rain before spring’s end, but we can also take the next month or so to prepare our homes for the extra warm summer months to come.


Make sure you and your family can beat the heat by taking a hint from RIS Media’s House Call and ensuring these four parts of your home are in tip top shape long before June 20th (the first day of summer).


#1 Roof


Perform a thorough inspection of your roof on a regular basis. It is your home’s first defense against weather and UV rays. It also plays one of the largest roles in proper insulation of your home. Walk around your yard looking up and maybe take a trip to the attic. If anything seems to be damaged or deteriorating, call in experts immediately to fix the problem. If your roof is old, it might be worth your while to pay for a professional inspection. You may even want to consider replacing your roof altogether if necessary.


Now is the time to do it, or at least get it on the schedule; stay ahead of what will be the busy season for most roofing companies. Keep in mind, as you consider your options, a new roof will likely bring one of the highest returns of any renovation project upon resale. It will also ensure your family stays safe and cool all summer long.


#2 HVAC System


Your HVAC system is going to have the greatest impact on the temperature, air quality, and humidity in your home. It is best to have your system inspected and serviced every six months. Proper and regular maintenance will keep your home at the perfect climate and your system working at peak performance. It will also prevent more costly repairs or replacements down the road should an operational or efficiency issue have gone unnoticed for too long.


#3 Windows


Another big component of insulation in your home are the windows. Windows more than a decade old are highly inefficient and easily transfer heat: letting cold air in during winter months and releasing it out in the summer months. Installing new windows can be an expensive undertaking but will likely save you money in the long run on your energy bill. You might also see a hefty resale return when it comes time to sell.


#4 Insulation


And finally, the efficiency of your insulation has a lot to do with what type of insulation you have and how old it is. Older homes (that have seen a few decades) may even require insulation replacement. Much like window replacement, the investment of time and money should be worth it. The value of your home is preserved or even increased and your family can enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that comes will a well-insulated home.


We know how important regular home maintenance is at Corken + Company. You and your family will not only reap the rewards now, but you’ll be ecstatic when it comes time to sell and your to-do list is short and simple. Homeownership is a lifelong undertaking and we are there for you at every stage, offering Real Estate Solutions without Limits. 

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